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Yay 2008!

I am so glad 2007 is over.  Shittiest year ever.  

Plus, I love election years.  Can we please try not to fuck it up again, America?  Pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top?  Cause I swear if Huckabee wins I'm going back to England and you bastards are on your own.   Seriously, I've had about as much idiocy as I can take.

Last night I went to my friend Shane's house, and hung out with a couple of our friends from elementary, middleschool, highschool and college. It's kinda nice to be with people who I've known since before I hit puberty. Weird, but nice. Comforting in a way. 

We watched Blades of Glory, Nacho Libre, and Hot Rod and much to my suprise, I really enjoyed all three.  Blades of Glory is destined to be a queer classic.  Xanadu my ass.

We talked about politics, metaphysics, and love over cigars. 

I walked home at 6am. It was still dark and the snow was falling in big fluffy flakes. I really wish my camera wasn't broken.  The trees looked amazing

Then I sat on the couch and watched the sky get lighter while listening to Pink Floyd.

Around 8am I finally I fell asleep in my clothes, which I hate, I always feel so unrested when I wake up. 

Great night.  I definitely ate way too much junk food though.  My stomach is so not happy with me.

Be more organized (I say that every year, but it never really happens).
Read and write more (this includes being a better pen-pal).
Spend more time with the people I love.
Take better care of myself.
Be more involved politically. 

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